I am a big fun Tomb Raider games and Lara Croft "first generation".
Because I don't find really quality Lara Croft action figure,
I made her from one doll Barbie. And this is result.

01motobike.jpg 04bikerelax.jpg 05relaxing.jpg 13stealth.jpg 06quadbike1.jpg 07krokodayl.jpg 08egyptian.jpg 09boat.jpg 10wapons.jpg 12maus.jpg 14helicopter.jpg 16mummi.jpg 17hydroplan.jpg 18shipwreck.jpg 20home2.jpg 21home3.jpg 23eagel.jpg 25sidecare.jpg 28momupes.jpg 30restarea.jpg 31jeep1.jpg 32papagaj.jpg 33monkey.jpg 34tyger.jpg 35skeleton.jpg 36jeep2.jpg 37raptor.jpg 38helicopter.jpg 39helickhang.jpg 22sarkofag.jpg

Lara Legend is coming !!!
Lara Legend 44excalibur
45excalibur 46excalibur 43ducati3 41ducati1

I made my Lara from Matell-Barbie doll name Chelsea from collection "my scene".
I sew clothes. Other requisities I handmade or adapt from toys.

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